How the Diner Made Coffee Drinking Universal

While the method for preparing our coffee might change, the reasons for filling our cups will always be the same. There’s something satisfying about brewing a fresh batch of coffee, and while
I’m always ready to have a cup on my own, I share our society’s love of using coffee as a universal way to start a conversation. I probably love coffee more than any other person you knew, even now you will find me reading the latest coffee maker review while I’m drinking a cup of coffee. I’m that fascinated with coffee. But if you have no time and just want to have a decent one, stick to the top coffee maker brand like Krups or Cuisinart is your best bet.

The tradition of meeting for conversations over a cup of coffee is as old as drinking coffee. Coffee shops were designed for meeting and chatting. Coffee acts as a social lubricant during the day in much the same way as meeting for cocktails does for socializing in the evening. In many countries, it’s a tradition for introductory business meetings to be held over a cup of coffee.

For many years, that meeting was held over a bad cup of coffee. When coffee shops first appeared, the only measure of the quality of a cup of coffee was how much of a jolt you’d get from the caffeine in it. Coffee has never been cheap by the standards of the day, and the places that served it would never throw any away. That led to a universal pot of coffee, one that was never emptied or cleaned. You’d just add more when it got low, and mixed it in with whatever was left.

In the United States, it was the diner that made coffee popular. People needed inexpensive, quick ways to eat, and diners were the early 20th century version of today’s fast food restaurants. Instead of a drive through lane, diners got you in and out fast by allowing you to seat yourself and then paying a cashier on your way out. Diners were famous for always having a pot of coffee warming, and weary travelers would look for a neon sign that said diner when they wanted a cup of strong coffee, day or night.

The roadside diner never went away, but the food it served did. Today’s chain coffee shops took the diner’s place by keeping the coffee and getting rid of all the food but pastries. The quality of the coffee increased as coffee became the center of attention, and even the most out of the way coffee shop has coffee as fresh as if you made it yourself. Now you can sit in any coffee shop and read your favorite book with a freshly-made espresso or cappuccino in front of you. This is also made possible with mass production of coffee maker, even the one with grinder. If you have one of these best coffee maker with grinder, you will find that a consistently taste good coffee with a single button click is no longer a dream.

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