How Many Wallets do You Need?

The answer to that question is “Countless!”. While maybe not as big of an issue to men as to women, choosing the right wall it for your specific personality, outfits, and personal style is one of the more difficult decisions anyone can be asked to make – especially sense of there are so many world-class options available. Luckily, with just a little bit of help from our list of the very best wallets for women below you should have no trouble navigating this somewhat difficult situation. Here goes the list based on your budget.

Under $25 – MUNDI Big Fat Flap Wallet

Designed to be big, bold, and beautiful, you’re definitely going to catch some eyes when you begin to walk out on the town with this women’s wallet. Small enough to be considered a clutch but big enough to hold almost all of the things that you find necessary to carry with you on a daily basis, at this specific solution has been created out of faux leather with a fabric lining and zipper enclosure that really set off simplicity and elegance at the same time. On how to treat a faux leather, check out this article.

Under $50 – Vera Bradley Turn Lock Wallet

You’d have a hard time convincing anyone that you were able to snag a Vera Bradley turn lock wallet for less than $75. Known as one of the most popular innovators in women’s fashion accessories right now, this kind women’s wallet really sets itself apart from almost anything else out there – especially if you decide to move forward with one of the more “off-the-wall” design patterns like the Peacock one, for instance. Definitely going to add a bit of pop and color to whatever outfit you’re wearing, you simply cannot go wrong.

Under $75 – HOBO Women’s Rachel Vintage VI-3356 Wallet

If you’ve been looking for a women’s wallet that is simple, elegant, and refined while still having enough of that luxurious style you’ve been dreaming about, then you need look no further than this. With a 100% real and authentic leather exterior and a delicate fabric lining, this kiss lock wallet is only 8.5 inches wide but holds all of the things you’re looking to carry – as well as any secrets you may have.

Under $100 – Hobo Lauren Vintage Wallet

There is not a single woman on this planet who doesn’t want to truly shine the moment that she enters a room, and with this specific wallet you’ll never have to worry about whether or not that’s going to happen for you. Made entirely out of 100% luxury leather with an exterior that is textured and sprinkled to really glitter and glisten in any light, there is a reason that so many people go crazy over this specific wallet every single time it’s released.

Above $100 – Kate Spade New York Mikas Pond Lacey Wallet

There are times when you just have to splurge, may it be to treat yourself or your loved ones, and this one is just perfect for that occasion. There are people in the women’s clothing and accessory world that consider that fashion timeline to be split between pre-Kate Spade and post Kate Spade, and it’s wallets like of this that give their opinions treatments. Crafted out of luxurious cow hide that has been treated and handled to be as soft and supple as humanly possible while also offering amazing utility, this is an absolute must-have for those looking for the utmost in luxury.

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